Our first anniversary!!!

It has been quite a journey! It is hard to believe that on November 20th it will be one year since we re-opened the Knitting Room.

We’ve met many of our loyal customers and friends in our temporary location – on the first floor of the office building at the Brentwood Village Mall. It was great to start small and then move to our current location inside the Brentwood Village Mall.

We are so proud of everything we accomplished this year. Old customers are coming back and also the new knitting community that comes to our store is terrific. We are at a point that so often we run out of chairs!

And to celebrate this first year of success and our vibrant knitting community, we are launching an exciting project: an Advent scarf. Yes, you read it right! Instead of opening one window every day to reveal a chocolate or gift, you are going to knit one different pattern each day from December 1st until 24th. By Christmas Eve, you will have a gorgeous scarf. The pattern is free: it is the Advent Scarf 2010 available on Ravelry. If you want to participate, drop by the store to choose one of our wonderful yarns and then let’s discuss some exciting ideas for the project.

We hope this is going to be the first of many more celebrations at the Knitting Room.

Happy knitting!

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